Enhancing the use of allowances on Lazypay through Online pay

Lazypay is a digital platform that is integrated with the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and allows all types of companies, from small to mid-enterprise to manage employee benefits more flexibly without incurring large costs.


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Lazy Pay has many integrations with other platforms such as e-commerce, banking, POS and others. Are there any other opportunities to integrate Lazy Pay with other platforms to make life easier for Lazy Pay users?


Find the opportunity to integrate Lazy Pay with other platforms to make the life of Lazy Pay users easier!

Work Process

1. Discover

Understanding the requirement from the user pain point.

2. Define

Define what the problem that want to solve.

3. Ideate

The idetion process discuss about the initial solution.

4. Design

Proceed the final solution from ideation.

User Research

User Research focus on user, needs and motivations and their feedback.
I have followed one research method (Qualitative Analysis)
I have quick survey that i shari to fomo apps to find volounteer who use Lazy Pay apps who willing to be my vlounteer to understand the difficulties they face and what they need in in Lazy Pay apps.

Question I asked

  • What’s your name?
  • What features do you use most in Lazy Pay Flex?
  • Seberapa sering kamu menggunakan fitur tersebut?
  • How often do you use this feature?
  • What do you usually use the allowance on your flex? (eg: electricity tokens, pulses, etc.)
  • What are the benefits that are not yet available in Lazy Pay but you really hope that these benefits are in Merekari Flex? (eg: shopee shopping vouchers, healty food, medical check ups, etc.)
  • Why do you need these benefits?
  • Which merchant do you expect to be in Lazy Pay
  • Why do you want the merchant to be in Lazy Pay?
  • How often do you do early withdrawals on Lazy Pay Flex?
  • What urgent needs do you usually need to make an early withdrawal? (eg: Buy furniture, buy shares, pay installments)
  • What obstacles do you feel when you want to meet these needs (eg, it’s complicated, you have to withdraw first, you have to go back to another account, the stock that I want to buy goes up again)
  • What vendors would you expect to have on Lazy Pay to meet your urgent needs?
  • Why do you want this vendor to be in Lazy Pay


Never used allowance because of lack of choices

Use Allowance to pay for electricity, credit, redeem vouchers, MAP vouchers

Availability of allowance for transport vouchers

Want to be able to transfer allowance to gopay

Want to have a transport voucher allowance

Want to be able to shop using flex benefit

If possible, increase the number of merchants such as Gojek, Indomaret, Rodalink, Alfamart, Pertamina and others.

Make an early withdrawal only for urgent needs

Using the benefit balance for needs outside the listed merchant

Want to be integrated with the online shop

Consuming allowance with relevant needs


Using allowance for needs outside the merchant

Allowance can be transferred to gopay balance

Problem Statement

“There are limited choices of vouchers or benefits that are available at Lazy Pay, so that the allowance cannot be used optimally by users of Lazy Pay”

User Needs Statement

Lazy Pay users need a feature to be able to take advantage of the allowances that exist in Lazy Pay to the fullest and are not limited to partners who have registered with Lazy Pay

“User needs to quick access to payment features from gopay”


  • HMW makes it easy for users to take full advantage of benefits
  • HMW makes onboarding to inform the user that the allowance can be transferred to the gopay balance
  • HMW makes it easier for users to allocate allowances to gopay accounts
  • HMW makes the process of allocating allowance funds to gopay balances seamlessly
  • HMW help users in the payment process using gopay

User Needs Statement

Lazy Pay users need a feature to be able to take advantage of the allowances that exist in Lazy Pay to the fullest and are not limited to partners who have registered with Lazy Pay

“User needs to quick access to payment features from gopay”

User Flow

Open Home page Lazy Pay

Click Integrate Gopay Account at home page

Click Integrate now at landing page

Confirm phone number for gopay account

Successfull State

Direct to Gopay Page


Information Architecture


High Fedlity


  1. The reason for choosingSambungin akun gopaymu buat
  2. buat maksimalin benefit: flex apps as a case study in this project is because of the difficulty in conducting research to users of Sambungin akun gopaymu buat
  3. buat maksimalin benefit: flex Talents directly.
  4. The integration of Sambungin akun gopaymu buat
  5. buat maksimalin benefit: flex with GoPay accounts is very useful for users. As from the insight from the research that I did, namely the Lazy Pay user does not take advantage of the allowance an transfer their allowances to GoPay accounts and make payments using GoPay via QRIS.


  1. The project that has been made has not had time to go through the testing stage due to the limited time. So that next time I will improve my time management so that I can maximize the design process that is carried out
  2. The user’s need to use the allowance that is owned is very important. Therefore, we must help them as much as possible to take advantage of their allowance without any obstacles such as lack of merchants, no benefits according to user needs and so on.

Thank you for watching

I really enjoyed working on this ui/ux case study. Sorry if there are still many shortcomings. Please give feedback so we can build a project with a better process. Insan Sign Out. Thank you 🙏

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