PHP Framework

Mapping out your idea before it goes online is like stepping stones towards reaching your goals. PHP framework is a vital programming language used to develop web applications. It is a type of model that you use to showcase your clothes. One that fits and serves your idea perfectly. And we are here to provide only the best for your brand.


An easy PHP framework mostly aimed to keep your website user-friendly and product-centric.


PHP, acronym for hypertext preprocessor is an open source scripting language to make powerful and dynamic web pages.


Continuous Integration is a development practice that asks developers to integrate code into a shared repository.


Another PHP framework but with a touch of elegance and full of expression. It is a free open-source PHP web framework which we use to cultivate web pages.

Web Development

Kickstart your brand promotion by a kickass website. Get the word on the street about your brand with a cool, attractive and interactive website that speaks volumes about your brand through words and designs.
What is it that keeps you engaged at a website? Is it the content? The design? The user interface? Websites have a few seconds breather to grab the attention of our consumers. And we, for one thing, know how to do that. Capture real-time interactions, engagements, clicks, feedback and analyze them to favour in your brand.
A smart approach that hits straight to the bull’s eye. Carts that convert consumers into loyal brand advocates. This is truly a platform to showcase your products, promote sales, optimize e-commerce and be creative to accelerate your growth.

Planning a sitemap

Writing interactive content

Curating beautiful banners

Insert informative infographics

Place your products rightly

Add engaging videos

Create rich colourful palette

Customize your platform

Be open to feedback

Angular 9+

A dynamic and comprehensive platform to build mobile and desktop web applications. It is way ahead and advanced.

Node JS

A vital tool to generate explicit page content. One that can create, open, write, delete and
close files on the server and also collect data which we can add, delete and modify in your database. Something which only experts can do. Something that we can definitely pull off for you.

React JS

We all want our life to be easy and so does every work we do. But not everything can be that simple, can be? Well, your website or your app can be. You can make it easier for the user to use with the help of react JS. An open-source JavaScript library that is used to build user-interface on web and mobile apps. It’s kind of a face of your brand.

Open Source

The name itself is a self-explanatory definition. An Open Source or Open Source Software is a code designed to be publicly accessible. Anyone can see, modify and distribute it as and when they seem dimfit.


.net Framework

Every firm needs a guideline and that applies to the digital world as well. To develop a website or to create a mobile application, one needs to follow a proper set of programming guidelines. .Net Framework provides a programming guideline that can be used to develop an array of applications right from web to Windows-based applications.


Developed by Microsoft, Asp.Net is an open source web framework for building new-age web apps and services that runs on macQS, Linux, Windows and Docker.


Stands for Model-View-Controller, an application design model to create modern user interfaces for desktop, mobile or web application.

Desktop Application

A software that can be installed on a single computer. There are many types of Desktop Application that we offer to our clients like Embedded Systems, Windows Application, Web Services, Console Application, etc.

Rest API

Only the best is what we recommend for our clients, and rest assured, the Rest API is one of the best application programming interfaces. REST stands for representational state transfer that uses HTTP requests to access and use data.


The world is changing, and so is the advertising world. The opportunity to rock the world lies in new media, and we are ready to take over the world with a bag full of ideas.

Because this is the time to go viral.

Digital Marketing

Take a break from traditional media and dive into this new world. Digital marketing is the new and improved way to advertise your brand. You’ve got thousands of things to talk about your brand, and there are hundreds of ways to sell it on digital. The digital world is very well established and is known to target the exact audience that you are looking to market your brand. There is earned media, paid media and organic media in digital marketing all of which works in your favour. Digital marketing offers you a quick, fast and reliable exposure about your ad campaign.

Email Marketing

Digital isn’t about posting on Facebook and Instagram, there is much more than that. Email marketing has proven to be an effective tool for brands like Myntra, Flipkart, Zomato and Urban Ladder. When it comes to marketing we leave no stone unturned, and through email marketing, we endeavour to take our creativity on another level and expand your business with it.

Social Media Marketing

A population of 1.3 billion and 573 million are active internet users, imagine the length and breadth your brand can reach. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube are not only a medium of entertainment but also the advertising networks that are proficient to get the desired result for your brands. Think of a brilliant ad campaign and let it run for days or months to earn advocates. Social Media Marketing is a whole new level to connect and communicate with your audience.

Search Engine Optimization

In a day, more than 50000 searches happen out of which one can be related to what you sell. Now, where do you stand when people search for the product and service you offer. SEO is all about getting your brand visibility and being found with the right keywords. The game here is to play with different keywords that are put in by the consumers. Our experts here have in-depth knowledge about digital marketing and SEO purposes. They draw out keywords based on their report that helps your brand pop right in front of a potential consumer. SEO is not just a tool but a solution to establish your brand in the digital world.


Game Technology

One of the best childhood memories is video games. We can all agree to it. The very beautiful time we spent on video games like Super Mario, Counter Strike, Road Rash, etc. is irreplaceable. And now comes the era with a new and advanced type of gaming world where we play games that seems almost real. And our job is to let you experience your game in the best possible way.

Unity 3D

A technology used to make your gaming experience dynamic. Unity 3D is a powerful cross-platform 3D engine that provides a user-friendly interface which is easy enough for the beginner and dominant enough for the expert.

Unity with 2D

The engine as mentioned in the Unity 3D can also be used for 2D games. It is a useful asset to help develop your dream game.


One word for this – Pokemon Go. Ring any bells? Yes. Experience the same kind of gaming version with our help. We are always at your service to help you make your game impressive enough to shake the world. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is the current big thing in the digital world. And with every passing day each brand is stepping and exploring this new aspect of technology.


IOT and AI

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are powerful technologies to create compelling and charismatic systems. They are like the brain of any system. It is also used to create intelligent machines that stimulate smart behaviour and helps in decision making. With integrated research, AI makes the system/machine learn from the data and experience incurred through various tests and samples.

Video and Animation

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so what about a video? Well, it certainly tells a story with a bit of a personal touch. We craft meaningful stories, add a hint of experience and end it with a climax that your audience isn’t expecting, if it all fits in perfect harmony then it is going to be viral for your brand.

Visual Storyboards

Perfect planning always leads to a spotless execution. While we weave incredible storylines for your brand story, we also prepare visual storyboards to direct everyone involved in the right direction. We develop a series of visual designs to develop breakthrough ad campaigns and deliver a message across the globe. Our team puts their heads together into creative explorations, brainstorms ideas, looks through every angle and brews up something delight to watch for.

Concept Development

Before even getting our hands into the production process, Insync Communications lets every individual throw some ideas on the table and develop a strategy to create the most engaging content. The idea behind every scene should serve in one direction and convey one message. Our team put up together a strong concept so that it impacts on a great scale. We help you transform your vision and business goals into something visually beautiful.

AV Production & Post Production

Rome was not built in a day. Good things take time to happen and producing an ad video for a brand, sure requires dedication and passion. We ideate and create memorable brand values that build a long-term relationship with your consumer. Our team is well equipped with best-in-class technology to take on any challenge that may come forth and market your extraordinary customer services.


Media Planning

Adwords, Keywords, Leads, PPC, Digital Campaigns, Social Media, Google ads, YouTube, etc. are all part of the digital world. And choosing the right path to promote your brand is where we come into the picture. We plan and strategies media with thought-driven ideas to market your brand.

Where does your brand stand at this moment? Is it a launch? Is it a teaser? Is it a relaunch? Or is it for sale? To serve the right purpose to the brand, media planning is a must. Gain consumer insights, understand their needs and empower your brand through powerful ideas and thoughts.

Set Objectives

Research Your Market

Plan Execution Stages

Develop A Strategy

Craft Your Ideas

Execute Your Campaigns

Attract Your Target Market

Engage Them

Monitor Your Activity

Convert Them Into Advocates

Mobile Application Development

Let your customer take full experience of your brand through a well-designed and user-friendly app. Insync Communications have excelled to design an app for all devices, platforms and all ecosystems. We make sure that the app has a better user interface when it comes to content, design and performance. To make your brand look the best is what we aim for through our app design. Moreover, we also run some tests to ensure that the designed app is supported by device features such as GPS, camera, microphone, contacts, etc. This will help your brand fulfil its objectives and deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to our consumers.

Technology has always served the best for the advertising industry and its dynamics can be used to devise a simple yet effective branding communication. Here at Insync, we offer mobile UI design services with the utmost care and attention-to-detail model that serves both performances wise and aesthetically pleasing. We are meticulous about every element, colour, texture and typography put in to make your platform essential and elegant. We initiate the process by studying our target market and execute it to make it a success.

Tools Used In Making Great Apps